Safety First! Wear ear protection during sound test

Safety First! Wear ear protection during sound test

Train horns can make an absurdly incessant noise, and while it is definitely fun to use them in certain occasions, proper precautions should always be applied with these devices so that you can enjoy them without harming yours or anyone else’s hearing.

Don’t worry, you’ll still hear it, even with ear plugs
Better safe than sorry – Wear ear plugs at all times when testing your train horn install.

How Loud Are the Train Horns?

While measuring the loudness of the train horn can be affected by many factors, (where the train horns are installed, location from which the sound is measured, etc) the train horns we offer have been measured to produce a blast that is as loud as 150 db. To put things into perspective:

  • Sound Source of 85db, can cause hearing loss
  • Sound Source of 90 db over eight hours of exposure can damage your ears
  • Sound Source of 140 db causes immediate damage and pain

So when installing or using the train horns, it is important to be aware of your surroundings, and considerate of others. If you are testing the train horns during your installation always be certain to use ear muffs.

Are They Street Legal?

Train horns, as the name indicates, was originally intended for a train and most trains still utilize the horns. These train horns were and are used to alert and warn those who are nearby of a presence of a train. Installation of train horns therefore are not street legal in most states. Be sure to check the local ordinances so that you are not in for a surprise when you sound the train horns while goofing off with your friends.

Common Sense and Sensibility

Despite the glaring issues with the train horns and somewhat of a negative rap that these horns have received, there are plenty of responsible drivers who can utilize them in a respectable manner. Always be aware of your surrounding when utilizing these bad boys, consider others (especially law enforcement officials), and use proper precautions by using ear muffs when working with the train horns for maximum enjoyment.