Electric Horns, what you need to know

Electric Horns, what you need to know

Electric horns often get flack for not being “authentic” or not sounding “authentic”. While for the purists an electric train horn may be something to be avoided, the curious and the novice modders may find a great way to experience the feel of a train horn without the moderate amount of installation work and price that comes with the real thing.

To keep the cost low, the electric train horn produces sound without an air compressor and an air tank. This makes the installation process easy since you don’t have to plan out where you might place the compressor and the tank. The result is rather impressive for its size with capabilities of producing high levels of sound output.

Try the sound sample and hear them for yourself here. Those who are interested but not quite ready to put some big bucks into the full blown train kit can heartily enjoy the fun of having a powerful Electric Horn.

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