Where to Install Train Horns

Where to Install Train Horns

One of the important things to consider with train horns kit is its placement. While you can certainly place them anywhere hypothetically, here are several things to consider in order for you to get the best performance out of the train horns:

Plan Then Install

Though this might be more of a common sense than a practical advice, you should not be deciding on the location of your train horns as you begin the installation process. Because there are several components involved with installing the complete train horns kit, you should always plan out where trains horns, air compressors and other accessories go.

Visible or Invisible

Decide first if you want to install the horns on the topside to boost the visibility and the aesthetic or to install them on the bottom to avoid unnecessary attention. While the topside mounting can offer your train horns protection from road debris and worry about heat sources and moving parts, it may not be worth it to get hassled by the law enforcement.

Consider the space

The conventional installment place for train horns are usually underneath the cab behind the bumper. This is because the particular location offers ample room and mounting locations. Placing the train horns beneath the bed of the truck would work just as well because of the same reasons. Train horns should ultimately be granted with ample space in front and facing downwards so that the sound would not be muffled.

Tanks and Compressors

The air tank should be placed somewhere that is accessible, protected, and secure. If you are installing train horns on to your truck then the common placement for them are in the bed of your truck inside a tool box. Obviously you are not limited to placing them there but especially with compressor that requires clean and dry air, you should find a location that would be easy to maintain and away from anything that might cause it damage.