Purchasing Tips

Before purchasing one of the many train horn products that appear in your search results, this is what you should consider:

1. Sellers who know nothing about Train Horns

Have you seen those sellers that offer clothing, a rice cooker and (you guessed it), a train horn? These are the ones you should avoid for the same reason you would not buy a hamburger at a sushi restaurant.
Here at Vixen Horns, our FOCUS is on train horns so we can provide you with the best products and service. We have a team of professionals ready to address all your questions and concerns.

Tip: Check what other items a seller is offering.

2. Unsafe & Unbranded Horns

Vixen Horns, a USA trademarked brand, has always been about pushing the boundaries of the train horn experience and becoming one of the leaders in the industry. Our team of experts are passionate about automotive parts and are committed to delivering PREMIUM QUALITY & SAFETY.
Vixen Horns products go through rigorous testing offering you added safety standards for peace of mind.
Unbranded products may look similar, but are often made of inferior materials, which poses a danger to users. For example thinner air tank panels, that might explode under pressure.

Tip: Don’t install an unbranded horn in your branded car.

3. How loud is a train horn?

Without an industry standard for measuring train horn sound levels, any claims are rendered irrelevant. Testing for Decibel ratings depends on many factors like: mic distance, system air pressure, calibrated measuring device and more.
As professionals we avoid making unsupported claims as opposed to those sellers who would tell you anything to make you buy their horns.

Tip (I): Be suspicious at any claim above 150dB (If you are unsure, search the web for: “how loud are Decibels”).
Tip (II): To call sellers’ bluff, ask for the Decibel measuring document.

4. Trust

After discrediting the decibel claim made by dishonest sellers, be careful not to trust other technical claims and warranties (which you may never get).

Tip: Don’t trust sellers who provide false info.

5. Limited selection

Many sellers have a very limited selection of train horns along a list of other random items they offer. Although they drop ship the products from the US, they are often operating from another country and copy the photos/specs from each other.
We offer you the WIDEST SELECTION of train horn kits and parts to meet all of your needs. Our full and comprehensive line of kits is proudly assembled in Miami, FL and stands as proof of our expertise. We take our own photos and are always true to specs.

Tip: Check the seller’s variety of train horn kits and parts.

6. Review manipulation

Many sellers write fake reviews for their products.
The reviews we receive are 100% honest and for any review less than 5 stars, we take the feedback and learn from it in order to improve.

Tip: Be suspicious of testimonials.

7. Technical Support

At any time, you are welcome to contact our support team with any technical issues. We offer phone and email support right here in the USA.
Most of our products is provided with propriety installation instructions in English.

Tip: Before ordering, try asking the seller a technical question.